Install Web-Marker

Web-Marker usage
  1. Install the extension from here.
  2. You should see the Web-Marker toolbar. If not, enable it from View -> Toolbars -> Web-Marker.
  3. Select any portion of text on a web page, mark it using the "Mark" button.
  4. Bookmark 'marked' documents using the "Bookmark" button.
  5. Copy link to the 'marked' document to the clipboard using the "Copy link" button.
  6. If you want other users to use the URLs you have generated for the marked documents, they should be using the same version of the Web-Marker extension installed.
The LiveURLs extension is being obseleted. Please use the Web-Marker extension instead.
LiveURLs usage
  1. Install the extension from here.
  2. Select a portion of a web page and invoke the context menu (i.e. right click menu).
  3. Select either "Copy position of selected content" or "Copy link to selected content". This action copies the LiveURL to the clipboard.
  4. Open the LiveURL in a different tab/window of Firefox which has the same version of the LiveURLs extension installed.
  5. The browser should show the previously selected content highlighted.
  6. The sender and receiver of the LiveURL should have the same version of the LiveURL extension installed.
Note to Users
The implementation of LiveURLs is not based on a standard yet and development of this extension is on-going. We do not guarantee backwards compatibility of URLs (LiveURLs) generated i.e. LiveURLs created with one version of the extension might not be usable/viewable with another version.

The liveurls project can be contacted through the mailing list or the member list.
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